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Manage Domain Name

Manage Domain Name Extensions

Managing domain extensions is very easy with WISECP. To manage extensions, follow the path "Admin Area > Services > Domain Name Registration > Extensions and Prices". On the page that opens, there are a large number of domain name extensions listed as standard. Explanations of all titles in the extension list are given below.

  • Extension
    It is the fixed name of the extensions. (For example: .com / .net / .org.)
  • Pricing
    You can determine "Registration / Renewal / Transfer" costs and selling prices separately for each domain name extensions. Prices are calculated automatically from 1 year to 10 years. If the extension is linked to an API, the cost and sales amounts are updated "AUTOMATICALLY". When you click on the pricing button, a window opens and you can manually determine the extension's sales currency and amounts within the window. Then close the window and click the "Update Extensions" button at the bottom of the page.
  • Promotion
    You can set promotions for domain extensions. To do this, click on the "Promotion" button in the list. In the window that opens, you can activate the promotion and determine the promotion sales amounts and the end date of the promotion. If the domain extension is linked to the API, promotions are activated and run "AUTOMATICALLY".
  • Module
    You can connect the domain name extension to a domain name registrar module to run it automatically. In this way, all transactions are carried out automatically through the API. You can choose different API modules for each extension. Before selecting a module, the registrar must have module information already set.
  • Status
    Optionally, you can activate / deactivate domain extensions. New sales cannot be made for domain extensions that are inactive.

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