WISECP Certified Reseller

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Sasta Sauda Net is now Official WISECP Reseller in India
WISECP Reseller

Sasta Sauda Net is authorised to issue WISECP Licenses.

WISECP is Next Generation, Smart & Easy, Web Hosting and Digital Services Automation tool.

  • It allows creating the web hosting accounts with an ease, and allows the management of the hosting services.
  • Easily sell the domains, and provide the automation to your client for managing their domain name. WISECP integrates with numerous registrars to provide you the automation.
  • Allowing you to create virtual servers with automation, and the management of servers directly through the client area
  • Easily sell the software through the most automated and wise system of WISECP, with software protection code.
  • WISECP can handle it and allow you to offer the custom services.

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