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What is WISECP?

WISECP is next generation hosting and digital solutions automation. It includes a client area, admin area and a website interface. It has been developed for companies operating in the field of information technologies. With WISECP, all invoicing transactions, accounting (cash, income, expense) records, client management, product management, support services and many other operations can be carried out easily.

WISECP has an internal website interface integrated with the system. So, you don't have to be looking for a website theme or draft. Thanks to its creative, professional and user-friendly web interface, your visitors easily navigate your website and create a positive impression in the eyes of your visitors.

With the "Only Client Panel" feature, you can hide the website interface and use the system only as a panel. Thus, you can define a client panel link and product purchase links to a different theme or to your existing website and direct it to automation.

How WISECP can automate your business?

WISECP comes with all the important tools required to automate your business wisely


Hosting Management

It allows creating the web hosting accounts with an ease, and allows the management of the hosting services.

Important features
  • Automatic account creation
  • Account statistics
  • Account suspension and termination
  • Hosting Account Management
  • One-Click Login to control panel
  • Package Upgrade & Downgrade



Domain Management

Easily sell domains/ Provide automation to your clients for managing their domain name. WISECP integrates with many domain registrars API.

Important features
  • Import all extensions from the registrar
  • Import existing registered domains
  • Automatic pricing and calculation
  • Automatically add profit on base price
  • Promotion Management

Server Management

Allowing you to create virtual servers with automation, and the management of servers directly through the client area

Important features
  • Automatic server setup
  • Auto-suspension and termination
  • Rebuild, restart, start, shutdown
  • Upgrading the services
  • VNC access


Software & Licensing

Easily sell the software through the most automated and wise system of WISECP, with software protection code.

Important features
  • Automation Software Protection Code
  • License Verification
  • Remote suspension and warning page
  • Find Unauthorized Installations

Get started now with instant activation and a quick installation process.


Automate Billing

Billing and management process is easier with WISECP. Automatic invoices are created for all products and services, sent to the customer, and can easily pay with a single click. Moreover, you can track your income and expenses with the "Cash Management" feature. (Supports EU Taxation)

Wise Management

WISECP has wise features that automates your business. It automatically performs your hosting, domain and other digital service sales. It alerts you in an unexpected situation. Sit back and watch your income with the rising sales chart!

Effective Client Support

Easily provide the support service to your customers. Instant message view with Ajax, knowledgebase, with completely real-time ticket system, custom notes, assign the ticket to different staff, saving the typed ticket as automatic draft and much more features.

Numerous Integrations

WISECP has integrations for all the famous web hosting control panels, payment gateways and virtual servers. Allowing you to automate your services completely. It allows allow you to easily create your own integrations with the developer documentations.

Hosting Integrations: 


cPanel Integrated for a seamless user experience

  • View key usage statistics directly within the WISECP client area
  • Give customers direct access to cPanel functionality without leaving WISECP
  • Seamless transition between cPanel and WISECP without needing to re-authenticate
  • Simplified user experience with Single Sign-On and OpenID technology
  • Automatic provisioning of upgrades on-demand with built-in upsell functionality

Featuring a fully featured client area control panel providing full access to order and manage services, automated provisioning and delivery, with billing and support tools. WISECP is modern platform you need to setup and run an online web hosting business.

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