Unique Features of WISECP - Billing & Automation Platform

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Unique Features of WISECP:

  • User friendly, easy to use, mobile compatible admin area and client area.
  • An internal website integrated with the system. (Three styles)
  • Unique UI and UX experiences.
  • Advanced affiliates feature.
  • Advanced reseller feature.
  • Advanced reporting feature. (WAnalytics)
  • Easy ordering feature for clients.
  • Ability to transfer services between clients.
  • 150+ ready-to-use currencies with one click.
  • Exchange rates automatically calculated through the API.
  • Multi-language creation and management.
  • Automatic language and currency activate by visitor's location.
  • To be able to create a product / service group in the desired category and sector.
  • Internal and free advanced fraud protection system. (WFraud)
  • Protection system that prevents spam, bot and malicious attempts.
  • Superior SEO compatibility.
  • Popular API integrations.

and much more.